Ambassador Program

Thanks for your interest in being a Mougee Flow Star Ambassador.

We genuinely feel that the flow community is a source of positive energy and is made up of a lot of good people.  The Mougee Ambassador program aims to build on that positivity while helping to share the good vibes and positive interactions that we hope defines us as a brand.  But this is not something we can achieve on our own, and we welcome like minded people that love flow, love flow stars, and love sharing those things with others.

If that's you, then you may just be a good fit for the ambassador program.

Things we want to achieve with this program:

1.  Be a positive thing in the lives of people that engage with us.

2. Spread the fun and good vibes that we like to think we represent.

3. Grow the reach of Mougee.  We are a business, and hope to be a successful one, and we believe we can be while accomplishing the first two objectives.


How to be an ambassador:

1.  Be good with a flow star.  You don't have to be amazing, just enjoy it and be able to show others how to get going.

2.  Be active on social media.  That is primarily how we grow.  We look to our ambassadors to provide fun, positive and entertaining video that we can post and/or that tags MougeeStar.

3.  Be an good rep for the brand.  If you are a festival, or any event, show off your Mougee, hand out some stickers, let people try it.  Be a little outgoing in engaging people who might be interested in trying to spin.

4. Give out an ambassador discount code.

5. Put that you are. Mougee Ambassador, along with a link to in your Social Media profile.

6.  Teach people to pronounce Mougee (moo-jee).

Here's the rub.  While most ambassadors have been great, some have basically taken free Mougees, and disappeared.  It's been a real challenge to try and address this.  And this is what we came up with:

You need to show some commitment.  To do that, you pay a $40 engagement fee. 

For your $40 dollars you get:

1.  A Mougee Flow Star of your choice.

2.  25  Mougee Stickers to give away.

3.  A Mougee pin.

4.  25% Discount on any Mougee Flow Stars you buy.

5.  A 10% Discount code to give out.

6.  If you prove to be an active Ambassador, you will get free stuff, Bucket Hats, Tee Shirts, Stickers, Etc.  If you are really active and send us good videos to post from time to time, we will send you free Mougee flow stars once in awhile.

If this sounds like a fair arrangement to you, and you'd like to be an ambassador, please send us an email with all your info.  Full Name, Shipping Address, Social Media Links, and anything else you think will help us to see what a good ambassador you will be.

Any feedback you have on this program or Mougee products, we would love to hear about it.

Thanks again for interest.  

Be Happy,

Dr. Mougee (I just made up the Dr. Mougee thing, my name is Mitch).