Care Instructions

Cleaning Instructions for most Mougee Stars

So you dropped your Mougee in the mud.  Oh no!  What will you do?

Don't freak out.  You can wash your mougee.  Either by hand or on the gentle cycle in the washing machine.  In either event, use cold water to keep the colors vibrant.  

Dying it can be tricky.  We had one guy threw it in the dryer on extra hot for hours and his Mougee turned into the coolest drink coaster you ever saw.   We jest of course, sorta, but the point being, don't put your mougee in the dryer, it may shrink and it may curl.  Best to lie it flat and air dry.

Special Care for the Mougee Spark

The Spark has led components that are not submersible.  A little rain or something will likely not hurt it, but putting it under water is a no no.  We recommend you clean it by hand by wiping it with a cloth and a mild detergent.  If you use anything too strong, it may stain.  So be careful and gentle and just wipe that sparkling baby down like a baby's butt.

Let us know if you have any questions or problems.  


Take your Mougee out often.  Let them meet new people.  They like to mingle with other flow stars.  And never.  Never! Feed them after midnight.