Artist Collaboration

Thanks for your interest in collaborating with Mougee to create custom printed flow stars.

We have standardized our collaboration process to make as simple as possible.

How it works:

1.  Mougee works with the artist to come up with an awesome design that we think will appeal to the flow star community and the artisit feels will appeal to their fans and/or customers.

2.  Mougee assumes all expenses associated with creating the flow star.  We make 100 Stars.

3.  The artist gets three things:  1.  Four free Mougee flow stars with their artwork printed on it in our high quality sublimation process. 2.  The ability to purchase as many of their flow stars as they like for wholesale price of $25.  We will sell all designs at the same price, you can sell your for whatever you like. 3. We will work with you to promote you and your flow star on social media and your web store.

4.  Mougee get the right to sell your design on our flow star free and credit you in the title of the design.  If we sell through the 100, we will contact you and your ok prior to doing another run.

That's it.  We try to keep it as straight forward and simply as possible.  We avoid commissions because it is a really big bookkeeping task, and this way nobody owes anyone anything and nobody is concerned they are not getting their fair share. You buy them as you want them, we can even drop ship them for you for a small fee.  You can cancel the agreement whenever you want with the understanding that we can sell through whatever inventory we have on hand.

Any questions or if you'd like to speak on the phone, just email me at   

Thanks for checking us out.


Featured Artist Collaborations:

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