Our First Featured Ambassadors

Oregon, USA 


Hereford, UK

“Hi there ! My name is Jasmine, I’ve been flowing for almost a year, and I’ve been raving for many !! I’m so happy to be a part of this community. My star helps me meditate, focus and have fun all in one. I love taking mougee out to nature, and teaching my friends and peers. There is nothing comparable to flowing under the trees and at festivals and raves.” "Hi, I’m Alex Griffiths (aka Dino! like a Dinosaur), I am currently a student at Circomedia in Bristol, specializing in juggling and acrobatics. My background is in breakdance and parkour.  I started flowing with dapo stars in 2023 and haven’t stopped since. I have a great passion for electric music, particularly heavy DnB, speed bass, and techno. When I start spinning to my favorite tunes, I feel unstoppable! I always strive to incorporate movement and perform big tricks in my acts."


  Orlando, Florida

“Hello all flowmies! My name is Rachelle Aka That Mougee Girl! I’ve been flowing for over a year now and I’ve been to many festivals and raves. Im so in love with this community and how it’s blossomed into something really special for a lot of us. through out my flow journey I found so much peace, joy, and friends. I owe it to Mougee for believing in me enough to be able to teach so many different people across the country. I honestly love this life of mine and my many Mougees! Say hi at your next festival i’ll be the girl with the coolest Flow art around! “